Thousand Pillars Temple

Thousand Pillars Temple is located in the middle of the Warangal city, this is near to Hanamkonda. This temple was constructed in the 1163Ad by the great king Rudra Deva. The architecture of the temple depicts the Chalukya style. In this temple, there are three presiding deities, Lord Shiva, Surya Deva and Vishnu. The temple is the one of the finest of arts of the Kakatiyas.

Thosand Pillars Temple

You will know more about culture and ancient architecture of our country by visiting the Thousand pillar temple. This is one of the most popular pilgrimage places in Warangal. A lot of devotees come from different parts of the state to offer the prayers in the temple and to get a glimpse of this wonderful construction. The architecture of this temple is star-shaped, it shows the work done by wonderful craftsmen of that glorious period. This wonderful temple is supported by pillars that are carved richly and you can see a huge Nandi made up of basalt stone. We can see many small lingam shrines in the garden around the temple. The Thousand Pillar Temple built on a platform and raised up to height 1 Metre from ground level. We can see the carving of elephants and perforated screens in the temple, which is characteristic of the prevailing dynasty.

Star-Shaped Construction

Cravings of Elephants

 In 2004 this temple was renovated by Government of India, Archaeological Survey of India. Some of the modern engineers have been working for further renovation of the temple. Thousand Pillar Temple along with Ramappa and Warangal fort is added in UNESCO list of world heritage sites. This temple is nearly 860 old. Richly carved Thousand pillars adorn the temple, they are constructed in a way that none of the pillars obstruct a person’s view of the shrine. This temple is one of the finest specimens of Kakatiya architecture and sculpture.

How to reach :

Thousand pillars temple is located in the center of the Warangal city. So, there is no issue with transport. TSRTC local buses are available from Kazipet railway station and Warangal railway station. There are also other means of transport is available like autos and cabs.

Where to Stay:

Haritha Kakatiya Hotel is the best hotel for accommodation; this is maintained by Tourism Department and budget hotels also available in Warangal for accommodation.

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About Warangal

Warangal is the second largest city in Telangana. Which is served as capital city of the Kakatiya dynasty in 14th century. Now to warangal is the district headquarters of rural and urban districts of warangal, which has the population around 8 lakhs. Warangal has been chosen by central government of India for  HRIDAY – Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana scheme. It is also selected for ‘smart city’ program, which is now eligible for additional investment to develop urban infrastructure and industrial opportunities. Government of Telangana decided to include “Kakatiya Kala Thoram” in the emblem of Telangana.

Kakatiya University in Warangal. The university offers more than 100 programme’s in undergraduate and postgraduate levels, which includes arts, science, engineering and education etc. Kakatiya University(KU) has 248 teaching staff and 622 non-teaching staff.

Entrance of Kakatiya University

KU warangal has twenty-eight departments in eleven constituent colleges. Postgraduate in-service science courses was introduced in Kakatiya University for government employees and teachers for the first time in Telangana State.

Warangal fort, which was built in 12th century when Warangal was the capital of the Kakatiya Dynasty. Which is one of the best tourist place to visit in Warangal. It has four ornamental gates which are known as “ Kakatiya Kala Thoranam”.

There are few temples in warangal which were constructed during the period of kakatiyas. The architecture of these were attractive. Some of them are thousand pillars temple, which is located in hanamkonda, Bhadrakali temple located in warangal. There are other temples like Ramappa temple, which is about 65Km from warangal. Lord Ganesha temple which is one of the famous temples in warangal, the name of the temple is Swetharka Mula Ganapathi Temple in Kazipet. Here we are providing some image gallery of that temple

Thousand Pillars Temple in Hanamkonda

So, If you are planning to visit warangal city and stay for two to three days, then you need accommodation. There are expensive and budget hotels in warangal. Cost of the room ranges from 500 – 5000 rupees. We have lot options to reach warangal, If you are coming from Hyderabad to Warangal then you can come either by train or road. Number of trains and buses are available from Hyderabad.



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Bogatha Waterfalls – “Telangana Nayagara”

Hi everyone,

Today i’m going to post about a water falls located on the borders of Warangal and khammam districts. This waterfall is located in the forests of Eturnagaram and its is also a tribal area, where we can enjoy the nature as well as traditional culture and the name of the water fall is ‘Bogatha’. Bogatha waterfalls is located in the village ‘Vaajedu’, which is about 145Km from warangal city. This water fall is in the middle of forest and and the water falls from a height of 25 feet to 30 feet.


People nearby water falls believe that this water has medicinal futures, because these water starts flowing from the hills located in the Eturnagaram forests, because the flow starts on the top of the hill there are lots of medicinal plants and trees in the forests which may mix with the water flow.


Best time to visit this water falls in the rainy season and on the way to this water falls there is a temple named “Mallur temple”, Which is a mysterious temple. To reach the “Bogatha” waterfalls we need to arrange our own transportation and also we need to walk in the forest for 1Km to reach the water falls. road is quite narrow to drive the vehicle in that road to reach the destination. We also travel over the longest bridge which is constructed over the Godavari river and the length of the bridge is 1.8Km long which connects the two states.

That is all for today. In the next post I’am going to reveal the secret about mysterious ‘Mallur’ Temple



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